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Crown Square will take full advantage of the great views of Downtown and the Gateway Arch.
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So, what's happening with That Mall?

Redevelopment of the Former 14th Street Mall Area

is at the center of the Crown Village revitalization, recreating the "town center" of the community with the historic rehab of 27 buildings into 80 historic loft, apartment and "live/work" units, and 34,000 square feet of commercial space on the former pedestrian mall and adjacent streets. The $32 million comprehensive revitalization includes the re-opening of 14th Street from Warren to St. Louis Avenue, reconnecting this local commercial district with the surrounding neighborhood. The development will also include the installation of new street and pedestrian lighting, public green spaces and landscaping, and a "transit plaza" that will facilitate ease of use and transfer of vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and public bus transportation. The development will enhance the "walkability" of the neighborhood and solidify the goal of maintaining economic diversity in the community.

The redevelopment of the former 14th Street mall area will complement other rental and homeownership developments that RHCDA and Old North St. Louis Restoration Group have

recently completed in the neighborhood; all of them contributing to neighborhood residents' vision of a true mixed-income sustainable community.

First Buildings Completed!

Construction started in mid-August of 2007 and has been proceeding at an impressive pace since. Four buildings on Warren Street, which forms the southern boundary of the former pedestrian mall, have been completed and are leasing up. They provide a solid example of the quality and attention to historic detail that is embodied in the Crown Square development. The beginnings of a dramatic transformation are evident. The progress to date offers an early look at the impact that this large scale revitalization effort will have on the neighborhood. For information about residential leasing in Crown Square, please call our property manager at 314-588-7267. For information about leasing commercial space in Crown Square, please contact Duffe-Nuernberger Realty at 314-771-5335.